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Intertech Software has an ingenious shell application that can have entirely new applications added to it just by dropping an assembly that implements a predefined set of interfaces into a directory that the shell is watching XCopy and you re done; everything else flows from there This leads to an important tenet of service design, that of not creating tight couplings between service components in the system You don t want to be in a situation where a change to a single class causes a cascade effect of changes to other components This atomic design is the thrust behind loosely coupled services Not only does this increase maintainability, but it also increases the reuse of your services, as the more atomic and independent they are in the work that they do, the more ways they ll be able to be combined with other services.

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Now we connect as definer and run an anonymous PL/SQL block that selects and prints the number of rows in t1: sys@ORA10G> conn definer/definer Connected. definer@ORA10G> -- select from t1 in anonymous block. definer@ORA10G> declare 2 l_count number; 3 begin 4 select count(*) 5 into l_count 6 from t1; 7 dbms_output.put_line( 'Count is : ' || l_count ); 8 end; 9 / Count is : 5 PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. As you can see, the anonymous block ran successfully because the user definer has select privileges on t1 via the role demo_role. Let s now try and put the same logic in a procedure, definer_mode_proc, and compile it (remember, by default the procedure is created in definer rights mode): definer@ORA10G> create or replace procedure definer_mode_proc 2 is 3 l_count number; 4 begin 5 select count(*) 6 into l_count 7 from t1; 8 dbms_output.put_line( 'Count is : ' || l_count ); 9 end; 10 / Warning: Procedure created with compilation errors. definer@ORA10G> show errors; Errors for PROCEDURE DEFINER_MODE_PROC: 5/3 7/8 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Similarly, the GetResponse method also used in the http function may raise a System.Net. WebException exception. The exceptions that may be raised by routines are typically recorded in the documentation for those routines. Exception values may also be raised explicitly by F# code: > raise (System.InvalidOperationException("not today thank you"));; System.InvalidOperationException: not today thank you In F#, exceptions are commonly raised using the F# failwith function: > if false then 3 else failwith "hit the wall";; Microsoft.FSharp.Core.FailureException: hit the wall The types of some of the common functions used to raise exceptions are shown here: val val val val failwith : string -> 'a raise: #exn -> 'a failwithf : StringFormat<'a,'b> -> 'a invalid_arg : string -> 'a

What happened Apparently, procedure definer_mode_proc cannot select from table t1 even though it has a select privilege on the table. The problem is that in definer rights mode, all roles are disabled for a procedure (which is not the case for anonymous blocks). Remember that the select privilege on t1 was granted to the user definer via the role demo_role. Thus, for a procedure created with definer rights to work, requisite privileges on all objects it accesses have to be granted directly to the user that defined the procedure.

We discuss the design of loosely coupled components when we look at Web Services in the NET Framework in 6..

Note that the return types of all these are generic type variables, meaning that the functions never return normally and instead return by raising an exception. This means they can be used to form an expression of any particular type and indeed can be handy when you re drafting your code. For example, in the following program we ve left part of the program incomplete: if (System.DateTime.Now > failwith "not yet decided") then printfn "you ve run out of time!" Table 4-2 shows some of the common exceptions that are raised by failwith and other operations.

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